Our doors are OPEN... YAY!

Hi!  Our store doors are open again... but somethings have changed.  Here are some details, but as always, if you don't see your questions answered, please call or contact us, we are happy to answer these on the phone or via email as well.



1.  When are we open?  We are open 10am-4pm daily, but if you call ahead we can open other times as well.

2.  How else can I shop?  Our website is open and curbside pick up and deliveries are available.  You can also call us for advice and tech support daily 10am-4pm. Or email us anytime for help:  office@buddiestoys.ca

3.  How do I pick up my order?  During the hours of 10-4pm daily we will be at the store and ready for you to pick up.  When you've arrived in our back parking lot call the store at 250-655-7171 or ring our doorbell and we will put the items outside in a bag.

4.  I chose delivery... when will it arrive?  Deliveries happen on Friday and we will deliver to your door in a bag between the hours of 8am - 5pm.  No knocking and giving hugs at this time, we will just be ninjas in the day delivering awesome toys.  

5.  What are our store rules for shopping?  We have a limit of 5 customers at a time.  Yes that is a small number, but we would rather you have a safe shopping experience in the store.  If you bring your kids in with you, we ask that you remain with them at all times.  We ask you remain 2m away from all staff and customers.  We take Dr. Henry's mantra very seriously:  be kind, be calm and be safe.

If you have any special requests or requirements, just let us know!  we can offer private shopping times, etc.  Don't be afraid to ask!

Thanks for your support during these crazy times...