Keva Blocks

KEVA Planks started out as a simple construction set that is unusual because they only use one piece and no connectors in glue, in contrast to other building sets that often have specific instructions and require sorting.

Look at all the great things Keva can do for your kid:


  • Children with ADD find the action of KEVA building to be calming and inspiring.

  • Parents of children with autism discover that the simplicity of having only one type of block creates an ordered environment that allows their child to blossom.
  • Gifted children find a new freedom of intellectual expression with KEVA planks that combines both their artistic nature and their brilliant analytical minds.
  • Parents who find it difficult to connect with their kids discover that family nights are easy and natural with KEVA planks. Kids can sense that mom and dad are really into the project as much as they are. Kids don't get to see their parents play very often, but KEVA planks make it happen.