4 Fun Lawn Launch (Skee Ball)
4 Fun Lawn Launch (Skee Ball)
4 Fun Lawn Launch (Skee Ball)
4 Fun Lawn Launch (Skee Ball)

4 Fun Lawn Launch (Skee Ball)

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  • A jumbo version of the classic gameskee ball, that is perfect for families with kids of all ages to play together outside and stay active 
  • A fun new lawn game for families to set up in the backyard or at the park 
  • How to play (2-12 people can play at once) 
    • Simply roll one of the 6 included balls up the ramp, and aim it to land in one of the 3 included scoring rings 
    • Keep score when a ball lands in any of the rings: 
      • large ring 5 points 
      • medium ring 15 points  
      • small ring 20 points  
    • First team to get to 100 wins 
    • The scoring rings can be arrangein a variety of ways to keep the game exciting and challenging; e.g. traditional skee ball orientationsnowman’ with one stacked on top of the other, or spaced out for advanced play 
  • The ramp set is fully adjustable to change the angle of play and the difficulty level 
  • Grommets and anchor lines are included to secure the system to the ground 
  • The 7-foot ramp can easily be rolled and stored in the convenient storage bag with the rest of the set 
  • LawnLaunch includes: 
    • 7-foot ramp  
    • foam balls  
    • 3 multi-colored scoring rings 
    • Zip up storage bag to take on the go and set it up wherever you want 
  • All you need is grassy area that has at least 15 feet of space to set up the ramp and scoring rings
  • For ages 3+