Clack! Thwack!

Clack! Thwack!

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The grab-it-fast suction cup game!

Seven token cards, each printed with a different collection of images, are placed around the bonus disc. Everyone readies their thwackers while one player rolls the dice.

Two blue items. Three animals. Zero red items. - Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! - Players race to thwack and collect all the token cards that match the dice!

Can't find a match? The first to notice and thwack the bonus disc gets to collect all seven cards!

Put your comprehension skills and your reflexes to the test with Clack! Thwack! Only the player with the fastest mind AND the fastest hands will have what it takes to collect the most token cards and win!

Clack! Thwack!
  • Game of racing to collect cards that match a dice roll
  • Encourages comprehension skills, fast reflexes, critical thinking, observation skills
  • Place 7 token cards around bonus token
  • Roll dice - Race to thwack and collect cards that match the dice roll
  • Thwackers equipped with suction cups for grabbing cards
  • If no cards match, thwack bonus card to collect all 7
  • Game ends when there are no more token cards to collect
  • Player with the most token cards wins the game!
  • Includes 51 extra-thick tokens, extra-thick bonus disc, 4 thwackers, 1 number die, 1 color/category die
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High-quality materials and construction - Exceptional gameplay