Grapat - Nins Tomtens
Grapat - Nins Tomtens

Grapat - Nins Tomtens

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This happy group of elf Nins from Grapat live deep in the forest, playing among the trees, beehives and mushrooms with their friends. When their woodland play is over, children can use the pieces for counting and sorting, the trees can become ice creams at a tea party and the Nins can appear in new stories. Handmade in natural woods with non-toxic colour stains.
Tomten Nins measure 7cm high.

  • 6 Tomten Nins in a woodland setting
  • 18 natural coins, 3 red tear drop shaped fires, 3 yellow honeycombs, 6 green trees and 6 mushrooms
  • Supports imaginative play and language development