Off Bits 3 in 1 - Car Kit
Off Bits 3 in 1 - Car Kit
Off Bits 3 in 1 - Car Kit

Off Bits 3 in 1 - Car Kit

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Want to add some oomph to your OFFBIT? Give it wheels! This kit features an assortment of wheels and clever connectors to get your OFFBIT robot on the move. Watch ‘em go!

Ages 6+

What is OFFBITS?

The OFFBITS is an exciting new toy company with a unique approach to the toy industry.

Our aim is to create a new kind of playing by designing products that spark the imagination of all ages,

encourage creativity, and turn the familiar bits and pieces we all have around us into next generation toys.


The OFFBITS “open-source” construction toy system is a based on build-it-yourself kits made from proprietary connectors and

standard hardware components. Our kits include brightly-colored robot characters with inspiring backstories, as well as

custom-designed  vehicles, extension packs, tools, and accessories. The kits can be combined to allow infinite building

possibilities, and additional parts can be added from any home toolbox.