Playzone Fit - Sensory Steps

Playzone Fit - Sensory Steps

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Sensory stimulation for the feet!

Each of these unique hexagonal steps features a unique texture inspired by a different ecosystem. There's treebark with ants, a beehive honeycomb, alligator skin, desert rocks with fossils, and a wavy coral reef.

Kids will love hopping from one to the other, feeling the fascinating textures beneath their feet as they hone their balance and coordination. Or, they can explore all kinds of other unique experiences.

Have them close their eyes and guess which one they're stepping on. Place a piece of construction paper over each one and use a crayon to transfer the patterns. Press them onto sand or play dough to mold fascinating designs.

With the Playzone-Fit Sensory Steps, there's no wrong way to get active, explore, and discover!

Playzone-Fit Sensory Steps - 5pc
  • Set of 5 stepping stones each featuring a unique texture inspired by nature
  • Encourages active play, sensory learning, coordination, balance
  • Textures include treebark, honeycomb, alligator skin, desert rocks, coral reef
  • Great for craft activities and sand play too!
  • Includes 5 hexagonal sensory steps
  • Each measures 9.5 inches wide, 0.5 inches tall
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability